Artist Statement

Ann Noel, ArtistMy painting has transitioned from 6′ x 9′ abstract paintings created in my studio at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria VA, to 40″x 60″ and 8×10 paintings created at my studio in Leesburg.  My studio was moved to Great Falls,VA.  When my group studio closed I moved to Sterling.  I have returned to large and small figurative renderings, landscape, abstracts  and still life works.

Color is very important to me and I use it to create drama and tension (push and pull) in my works.  Paintings are planned with a narrative – something has happened or is being planned.  For example, figures in contemplation or conversation or the moment.  Abstracts – lush colors depicting energy, movement or place within.  During the creative process, I take a canvas and explore my sense of the space and I decide how I choose to fill the space, manipulate it and what colors will be used to paint the subject.  Creativity is an ongoing process throughout the painting.  My goal is to have the viewer stop and think about the moment, the setting, the movement, the happening…

I enjoy attending Art Workshops, travel to Europe/Gautemala and teaching art.  Previously taught Drawing and Painting at ArtSquare for teens-adults.   I am a founding member of King Street Studios which was located in Leesburg, Virginia.   Currently painting at my home studio in Sterling.

Received awards in Drawing, Painting and Mixed Media.   Paintings in Public and Private collections.

To purchase art, or discuss art instruction or painting commissions, I can be contacted at